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Virtuemart Demo Free product

It's a free Product! Mauris quis ipsum tincidunt, aliquet mauris sit amet, vehicula diam. Phasellus congue arcu sapien, vitae ornare tellus mollis in. Duis id sollicitudin ipsum. Morbi gravida sodales nulla. Aenean et sollicitudin lectus.
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This product shows how a free product is set up. The shopper can purchase without beeing charged. In all cases the shopper needs to checkout.

It can be used e.g. if you want to offer catalogues or sample products. Donec sollicitudin ante nec tortor iaculis, id tincidunt arcu posuere. Sed euismod erat purus, non pellentesque turpis tempus vitae. Quisque nunc diam, egestas eget ultricies in, aliquam nec ante.

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